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Do you required assistance in starting your own business or new business development. Brent Online Networking Development (BOND) provides access to the best local business professionals including small business advice, legal, financial, web site design, ecommerce business, IT development, digital marketing, tax and accounting and a range of other professional services to ensure your business is sustainable.

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Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide professional support to SME's in local communities, with exceptional customer service and to continually add value to the customer experience."

Terms and Conditions

We/Us/Our (Brent Online) acts in the capacity as small business consultants specializing in small business advice, ecommerce business packages and web site development.

Brent Online uses the services of other independent business professionals (Partners) to add value to the overall customer experience but are in no way liable to you (The Customer) for specialist expertise or services provided by Partners or third parties services (Agents) on our web site (

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Brent Online Network Development (BOND Program)


To be a member you must consent to our opt in to BOND members Program by subscribing to our mailing list.

To opt out send us an email to with unsubscribe in the subject.

Partner's Scheme

To be a partner of the Brent Online Network Development partners program, members must hold valid evidence to confirm affiliation with an official organisation regulated by an approved governing body or provide valid evidence of a UK approved professional licence.

See below for a list of government approved professional organisations.

A subscription fee of £199 is required for BOND partners.

The BOND Partners fee is renewable annually.


Signing up for the Partners Scheme

Click on BOND ME button to sign up to the BOND program.

Setting up Process Requirements

FTP access is required to the partner’s hosting server to upload the web page / html documents, ccs files and CGI scripts into a sub-directory folder.  This can be done in-house or by providing Brent Online with FTP access details via email to

Information Required